Upcoming Cybersecurity Trends in 2021

Many businesses and organisations are relying more on computerised systems to manage their day-to-day task. Therefore making cybersecurity a primary goal to safeguard their data from online attacks.

There is a continuous change in technology that motivates cybersecurity trends due to data breaches, ransomware, and hacks becoming normal.

1) Automotive Hacking

Firstly we have automotive hacking, in which there has definitely been an increase. Vehicles nowadays are modern and have automated software that creates seamless connections for drivers in cruise control, engine timing, door lock, airbags, and any other advanced systems for driver assistance. AI has played a major role in building automated security systems. Vehicles use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to communicate which can lead to vulnerabilities or threats from hackers. Accessing vehicles and using microphones for eavesdropping is expected to increase in 2021 due to automated vehicles. Most importantly, self-driving/autonomous vehicles need even strict cybersecurity measures due to their further complex mechanism.

2) Intergrated AI

Secondly, AI with the combination of machine learning has changed the use of cybersecurity. It is being used to develop smart malware and attacks and bypass security protocols. That is to say, it allows the AI-enabled system to detect and predict new attacks whilst also notifying admins of any data breaches instantaneously.

3) Mobile Targeting

An increase in mobile banking malware/attacks are making handheld devices a potential target for hackers. To clarify, that means photos, financial transactions, emails, and messages pose threats to individuals.

4) Vulnerable Cloud

We’ve spoken about the cloud multiple times in our articles. Although we highly recommend it, due to the sheer amount of people and businesses using cloud services, security measures need to be monitored continuously. On the other hand, some cloud providers such as Google and Microsoft are already equipped with security from their end, it’s the user’s end that’s a source of constant errors, phishing attacks, and malicious software that pose as cybersecurity threats.

5) Data Breaches

Data breaches will continue in 2021, it’s a given. Data is the number one concern for most businesses around the world in regards to cybersecurity. Protecting digital data is now the main priority. For example, you can be vulnerable to hackers, as they might be able to spot any minor bugs or flaws in your operating systems.

6) Targeted Ransomware

A popular trend in cybersecurity for 2021 is targeted ransomware. They’re more focused, especially in developed industries. Ransomware threatens to reveal private company or customer data which can severely damage large organisations.

7) Automation and Integration

In addition, another cybersecurity trend that’s new is integrating automation to give better control over information. There’s pressure on engineers to deliver quick and efficient solutions, which makes automation very valuable.

To sum it up, these cybersecurity trends are bound to rise in 2021, forcing businesses to increase their security measures. For instance, there are predictions that organisations in 2021 alone will spend up to or over £100 billion on security and protecting their data.

Above all, we encourage everyone, especially organisations to keep up to date with cybersecurity trends and learn what’s best to protect their businesses. By putting the right IT security measures in place to protect your data and stay compliant can help reduce the risk of attacks significantly.

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