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The Benefits Of Using A Strong Firewall

Using a firewall on your computer is a good way of monitoring your incoming and outgoing network traffic. Businesses have been using firewalls for many years. It’s a network security that acts as a barrier between your internal network and incoming traffic from external sources i.e. the internet. For instance, it decides whether to allow or block specific traffic (such as hackers) based on pre-established security rules.

Which firewall is best for my business?

There are many types of firewalls and they can either be a software or hardware.

A software firewall can be installed on a local device as a program. It controls traffic through port numbers and applications. They’re much cheaper and easier to install and ideal for home users or very small businesses with limited users. (Windows 10 provides a free firewall that’s suitable for its home users)

Alternatively, a hardware firewall is a physical equipment. It’s installed between your network and a gateway and they offer 24/7 protection against cyber attacks and malicious viruses. However, they’re more complicated compared to software firewalls and are best managed by IT support professionals. Large businesses are more prone to opening files or emails with trojans, so having this would be the best option.

Can it boost my cybersecurity?

Yes it can. There are several benefits, such as:

  • Stops malicious viruses and prevents hacking
  • Monitors network traffic
  • Controls data flow in your networks
  • Remotely assign security settings on different machines within your network
  • Warns staff and administrators to potential threats, even when they’re unsuccessful

Any disadvantages?

Yes, although firewalls can prevent hackers and cybercriminals, it can’t defend malware threats such as viruses. If phishing/ spam emails containing malware are opened, they can still infect your infrastructure regardless of the firewall. That’s why we recommend also having an anti-malware software installed on your PC.

Do I really need a firewall?

It’s a good idea to use at least one type of firewall because it can put your mind at ease. It increases the overall protection of your data and limits the possibility of a successful cyber attack. They can immediately block Trojans before they cause any damage to your systems.

Above all, firewalls increase better privacy for its users by proactively working to keep your data and your customers’ data safe. You can build an environment of privacy that your clients can trust.

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