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5 Ways to Protect Your Business Against Ransomware

Organisations are becoming a popular target for ransomware attacks. This is when cybercriminals take over your computer or device, steal your data and demand a ransom. This can…Continue reading5 Ways to Protect Your Business Against Ransomware

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Microsoft Servers Exploited by Several Cyberattackers

Earlier this month Microsoft released emergency security updates to plug four security holes in Exchange Server versions 2013 to 2019. Microsoft revealed that the Exchange flaws were targeted…Continue readingMicrosoft Servers Exploited by Several Cyberattackers

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Ethical Hacking: Business Penetration test

Ethical hacking or ‘penetration testing’ is when businesses hire a white-hat hacker to hack into their systems and find any sensitive information. It may seem unorthodox but the…Continue readingEthical Hacking: Business Penetration test

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How To Set Up Your Disaster Recovery Plan

A business’s data is extremely important and sometimes no matter how much you try to protect it, accidents still happen. That’s when backup and disaster recovery protocols becomes…Continue readingHow To Set Up Your Disaster Recovery Plan

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The Benefits Of Using A Strong Firewall

Using a firewall on your computer is a good way of monitoring your incoming and outgoing network traffic. Businesses have been using firewalls for many years. It’s a…Continue readingThe Benefits Of Using A Strong Firewall

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VoIP Systems For Remote Working

PCW Solutions specialises in supplying, maintaining, and installing a range of modern, advanced business phone systems. We provide top quality business phone solutions, such as the 3CX phone…Continue readingVoIP Systems For Remote Working

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Why You Should Encrypt Your Data

This video is about why you should encrypt your data. It’s a good way for businesses to protect themselves from hackers and cybercriminals. Therefore, it makes it next…Continue readingWhy You Should Encrypt Your Data

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Covid-19 Lockdown Update

Just a brief update on how we plan to operate during the lockdown and how our customers can effectively work from home. Read our last update on Encryption:…Continue readingCovid-19 Lockdown Update

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Encryption: How It Works And What Should Be Encrypted

Encryption is when data is converted into codes. Only people with the password (decryption key) can read it. Data that is encrypted is known as ciphertext and unencrypted…Continue readingEncryption: How It Works And What Should Be Encrypted

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At PCW Solutions we will continue to support our clients during the second covid-19 lockdown. We know that businesses will depend on their IT support during these difficult…Continue readingCOVID-19 UPDATE