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VoIP Systems For Remote Working

PCW Solutions specialises in supplying, maintaining, and installing a range of modern, advanced business phone systems.

We provide top quality business phone solutions, such as the 3CX phone system. Our Hosted VoIP solutions offer all the functionality of traditional telephony, with more flexibility at a much lower cost.

Whatever your needs may be, our phone systems are designed to provide easy maneuver, easy communication, and easy upgrades as your business grows.

VoIP, which is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol is a way of communicating over the internet instead of from a phone company.

It can be cheaper than convectional phone services. However, some may not offer emergency numbers i.e. 999, phone directory listings or common phone services. Regardless of this, it’s increasing in popularity amongst businesses of all sizes.

How it works

VoIP telephone systems use the internet to transmit calls as data by converting your voice into a digital signal. In other words, you can make phone calls from computers or other data devices. ATA, IP Phone, and connecting directly are three different ways VoIP can work.


Working remotely with VoIP

VoIP has become especially handy for remote workers and allows businesses to offer remote working as an option. Because it’s so versatile and easy to use, employees can actually bring their IP Phone home with them. They’ll still be able to receive calls, dial extensions, and transfer calls all with the same number.

Making Calls

With VoIP, softphone apps can be downloaded onto smartphones, laptops, and desktops. The app can help you to make and take calls from your landline number when you’re out of the office. Call recording is an added feature that can save all incoming and outgoing calls, with a custom message to alert customers. In addition, the Desk Phone and the mobile app can ring at the same time.

Virtual numbers are also possible. This can allow workers to improve the reach of clients by using different area codes to gain customer trust.

Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist

The digital receptionist feature can give callers a list of options when prompted – e.g. “Press ‘1’ for Sales”. Call queues can be enabled with this to inform customers what position they’re in and how long the wait will be. As well as the call back feature, allowing queuing customers to get a call back if they choose. The auto attendant can also play custom music or a custom message when you place a caller on hold.

Call Forwarding and Voicemail

Another great feature of VoIP is the ability to forward calls to your VoIP voicemail, mobile, or to another staff member if you’re busy. Voicemail service on phone and/or via email is also possible. Some VoIP providers offer a voicemail transcription service (at PCW Solutions we use Google speech-to-text API to have voicemail messages delivered straight to your email. Up to 60 mins a month free with our Pro VoIP Package!). VoIP systems can also be configured to route calls where they’re needed. In addition, specific rules can be arranged for holidays, weekends, and evenings.

Benefits of using VoIP

  • Low cost
  • Easy and flexible
  • Countless of advanced features

Our services

At PCW Solutions, we have a team of experts that can help businesses of all sizes. We’ll help you introduce VoIP to your office and for your remote working needs.

All of our service come with unlimited UK landline and mobile minutes. We also offer split pricing so you can choose to pay per line and/or per user. Whatever works best for you!

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