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The Best Speakers For Your PC

Creative speakers

Having separate speakers for your computer (instead of the built in ones) is always a good idea. One of the main factors when considering this is space. If you have enough room on your desk, we always suggest going for the general 2.1 rule – 2 speakers (one on either side of the desk) and 1 subwoofer.

This is a good setup for an excellent sound depth and audio position but it can be costly depending on your preference. An alternative to this is a soundbar, some might come with a subwoofer for that extra thumping bass.

For our recommendations we’ve considered quality, balance, and bass.

What to look for when considering computer speakers

Audio interfaces: Audio interface is a hardware that connects your speaker to the computer. Most are built into it but it’s a good idea to get speakers that have multiple inputs as this is optimal for using with different devices.

Bluetooth connectivity: Bluetooth is ideal for connecting wirelessly, not only to the computer but for smartphones or tablets. So if you find speakers that are compatible with more than a PC, it’s a plus.

Volume and bass controls: Having control over the volume and bass comes in handy when the noise can be disruptive to others. With this feature you can level the audio and bass whilst still playing loud music.

Portable and adaptable: Although you’re aiming for a perfect setup, considering portable speakers will be helpful in the future if you have to move to a different place, office, home etc.

Usage: Computers are versatile so your speakers should be too! A complete surround system may not be what you want when watching a Youtube video, but would be nice for watching Netflix. Choosing a versatile setup for your speakers guarantees multiple uses.

Test before you buy: You may have your own audio preference hence that’s why it’s smart to test out a speaker system you are considering before you buy it. What to look for are highs, mids and bass.


1. Logitech Compact 2.1 Speaker System

Full Sound In A Compact System

Speakers: 138mm H X 80mm W X 29.5mm D l Subwoofer: 183mm H x 130mm W x 197 mm D l System Configuration: 2.1 system l Connector Type: 3.5 mm input

  • Audio input green tick speakers
  • Portable green tick speakers
  • Headphone Jack green tick speakers
  • Bluetooth red cross speaker

Logitech – £34.99

Amazon – £34.99

Currys PC – £34.99

This speaker system is very affordable for the office. It is compact with a 2.1 system which distributes precise audio and bass through a 3.5 mm input. Using a wired control pod you can easily control the power, volume and headphone jack. These compact speakers don’t take up much space on the desk and the subwoofer fits nicely underneath.

BOSE Speakes

2. BOSE Companion® 50 multimedia speaker system

The Best Computer Speaker System From Bose

Each Speakers: 21.90cm H x 13.90cm W x 9.10cm D (0.70kg) l Sudwoofer: 17.30cm H x 34.80cm W x (4.60kg) D l Control pod: 6.35 cm H x 2.86 cm W l System Configuration: 2.1 system l Connector Type: 3.5 mm input

  • Audio input green tick speakers
  • Portable green tick speakers
  • Headphone Jack green tick speakers
  • Energy saving mode green tick speakers
  • Bluetooth red cross speaker

Bose – £299.95

Amazon – £259.30

Currys PC – £299.00

This is the most engaging computer audio experience from Bose. They have strong acoustic feedback you might expect only from a five-speaker system due to the deep, accurate bass from the Acoustimass® module (subwoofer). The all-in-one control pod makes it easy for volume customisation. It even has an energy-saving mode that activates after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Creative stage speakers

3. Creative Stage 2.1 High Performance Soundbar

Simple, Neat And Clutter-Free

Soundbar: 70 x 550 x 78 mm (2.75 x 21.6 x 3 inches) l Subwoofer: 420 x 115 x 250 mm (16.5 x 4.5 x 9.8 inches) l Frequency Response: 55 Hz ~ 20 kHz l System Configuration: 2.1 system l Connector Type: AUX-in l Bluetooth Operating Frequency: 2402 – 2480 MHz

  • Audio input green tick speakers
  • Portable green tick speakers
  • Bluetooth green tick speakers
  • Headphone jack red cross speaker

Creative – £74.99

Amazon – £79.99

The creative stage soundbar features immersive, thumping bass that can be felt through the room provided by the subwoofer. An ideal fit even under a 34″ ultrawide monitor. The sleek design makes it easy to blend into any office or room and is equipped with a wall mounting kit to allow more space on your desk.

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So that’s our top 3 recommendations and a few tips on what to look out for when purchasing new quality PC computer speakers.

If you need more advice on what speakers will best suit your office, feel free to contact us!

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